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Nearly 2/3 of millennials report having no retirement savings. It's a scary stat, and Stash wants to change it. To liven up the conversation around retirement, we decided to bring in a certified badass: the colorful, sassy, and IG-famous Baddie Winkle.

Stash launched the “Retire like a Baddie” 360-degree campaign in perfect timing with Baddie’s milestone 90th birthday. And with Baddie as the face of retirement #goals, we were able to encourage people to start planning for a more exciting future—using the Stash retirement product.

The campaign launched with the unveiling of two hand-painted billboards in Williamsburg, Brooklyn featuring a larger than life Baddie—done in collaboration with Colossal Media. Our campaign landing page helped users better envision their future by letting them generate a unique and shareable “baddie” name, watch fun video content, and learn more about Stash.

To top it off, we threw Baddie an epic 90th birthday party at Kinfolk in Brooklyn and invited all of her fans to attend, with Stash users getting priority access to the event. Hundreds of guests joined the fun—and in addition to meeting their idol face-to-face, they were able to learn more about the campaign.

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