Product Design for VICE properties, agencies, and clients.

While work at Carrot, VICE's digital creative agency, we had three funnels of work: (1) our clients, (2) VICE's clients, and (3) VICE's editoral platforms. I worked on many of these things.

Firstly, A fresh redesign of Carrot's website. A creative agency's website is an elusive, ever evolving thing—but I think we got close with this. We found that users were visiting our website for only a couple different reasons: they wanted to work with us or they wanted to work for us. So we kept it simple and to the point: case studies, content around working at Carrot, and contact information.

Secondly, Waypoint. Waypoint is VICE's home for gaming culture, built to explore how and why we play. Through original video, editorial, podcasts, and streams, Waypoint looks beyond the press and product cycles to focus on the people, passion, and politics of gaming. Games are more than products we buy on a shelf, they're an important part of our lives.

Lastly, a few random blips and bloops, including a native iOS and Android for Live Nation TV—a video contact partnership between Live Nation and VICE.

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